Maximize the value of your projects.
Minimize time and cost.

Translation Management Services

Translation business consulting: Evaluation of operational needs, organisation, processes, tools, and production. Design, planning and step by step implementation assistance for short and long term projects, optimisation and problem solving/troubleshooting activities.

Localisation and Internationalisation consulting: Feasibility evaluation of product localisation. Product testing for technical, functional, and language related localizability issues. Assessment of time and cost needed for the initial and steady production of target products. Initial setting up of optimal localisation projects and follow up assistance.

Translation project setup: Project planning for minimizing cost and failure risk. Execution methodology selection, setting up of processes, identification of tasks and work volumes, assessment of required time, funds, human resources, special skills, hardware, software and other tools. Establishment of the project schedule, definition of tasks and assignments, setup of the work environment, creation of language infrastructure as needed, preparation of project specific instructions, evaluation and preparation of material for translation.

Translation project execution: Setup of file tracking, backup, progress monitoring and quality assurance processes. Time, budget, production, productivity and quality monitoring. Risk assessment, potential problem identification and prevention. Project progress assessment, reporting and post mortem write-up.

Translation management training: Client specific training on translation and localisation methods; processes and techniques relating to project management, tools and technology usage; productivity monitoring and improvement; quality control; inter and intra company resource management; client relations.

Ensure consistency across your corporate documents.
Save time and money.

Translation Memory Services

Translation memory creation: Optimal structure definition and setup, data collection from old translations (hard to soft copy, file conversions and segment alignment), data transformations from one format, TM tool or standard to another.

Translation memory optimization: Removal of unnecessary information from system and user fields, attribute and user consistency checks, recoding, meaningful grouping of data, extra styles and tags removal, re-indexing.

Translation memory clean up and maintenance: Removal or penalization of untrustworthy segments, validating and fixing terminology issues such as adherence and consistency, white list – black list expressions check, correct use of punctuation, symbol consistency and number format checking and fixing.

Translation memory repairs: Corrupt TM fixing; translation unit salvage; corrupt character repairs; wrong language, style and font fixing; TM splitting and merging and more.

Machine translation: Preparation of translation memories for machine translation use, formating and language cleanup, trainning and fine tuning data selection.

Translation memory automations: Automation of standard and repetitive processes such as TM reorganization and backup, project TM creation, post translation TM updates, progress monitoring using analysis, word count logs processing for PO and invoice creation, system integration etc.

Guaranteed correct terminology use at all times.
Improve quality, spend less on corrections.

Terminology Management Services

Terminology database creation: Optimal structure definition and setup; data collection from old glossaries, translation memories or material to be translated; data transformation from one format, terminology tool or standard to another.

Terminology database optimization: Removal of unnecessary information from system and user fields, user field consistency check, recoding, meaningful grouping of data, duplicate info removal, term base structure optimization, re-indexing.

Terminology database clean up and maintenance: Removal of duplicate terms, validating and fixing cross term consistency issues, term style, format and font fixing, filter creation, termbase splitting and merging.

Machine translation: Preparation of glossaries for machine translation use, domain based term selection, non translatable terms glossary creation, feedback based glossary optimization.

Terminology database automations: Standard and repetitive processes automation such as reorganization and backups, term addition and extraction, selection and filtering, term publishing, system integration etc.

Optimize production, standardize processes and reduce errors.
Make technology do the work for you.

Tool Maintenance Services

Software maintenance: Translation and translation management related software installation, customization, maintenance and support.

Tools development: Software tools and utilities design, development and testing. System integration and cross system communication. Visit the Tools section for some free basic utilities.

Systems consulting: System and tools research and cost/benefit evaluation, consulting on optimal tool use and training, process computerization feasibility study and ROI assessment.

Translation tools training: Client specific training on technology use for aiding the translation and localization related activities. Custom made user training (simple presentation to advanced use) on selected specialised tools for Project Management, Translation, Testing and Engineering tasks. Costas Nadalis is an approved SDL Trados Trainer. SDL Trados Trainer


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